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Area Dressage 2016 


Back to Stratford Hills on May 15th for the Area Dressage organised by Deben Riding Club, it was much warmer today but the ground was fantastic.


We had two Senior Prelim teams Ruth Everard coming 12th, Danielle Noble 14th, Luisa Edwards 1st and Molly Appleby 13th in team Yellow. In team Green we had Joe Mace coming 2nd, Jess Mace 3rd, Kelly Jarrett 13th and Kirsty Dawes 1st.


In the Riding test team we had Kelly Jarrett 15th, Luisa Edwards 3rd, Jess Mace 11th and Joe Mace 21st.     All riders did good tests but the standard was very high.     When the scores did finally get put up we were delighted to hear that the Senior team Green had won.


For the Juniors we had a junior team consisting of Tabby Wade who came 6th, Dulcie Wade 1st, Shannon Curtis 2nd and Lauren Hassan 5th, same riders did the Riding test and Tabby came 2nd, Shannon 3rd, Dulcie 3rd and Lauren 1st. Lauren Hassan and Paige Fleming also did prelim tests as individuals Paige coming 6th.   We later found out that they had won the Riding Test team and are heading off to Lincoln again!


We had a Senior Open team consisting of Danielle who came 13th in the N24, Shirley Stagg in the N27, Isabella Stagg winning the E43 and Becky De Bree coming 5th in the N28. The standard was again very high they did lovely tests and came 5th as a team.


We had several individuals Shirley Stagg doing M69 & E43 came 14th, Julia Hicks came13th in the N27, Becky De Bree 13th in the E43, Krystina Fish in the N24 came 4th, Jacky Lambert N27 and N24 came 5th. Isabella Stagg had a great day and won both her tests.  Well done to everyone – great weekend for the Finn Valley riders.

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