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Area SJ 2021

Great day at Geldeston for the Area 14 SJ qualifiers. Thanks to BBRC for a well run day.


The two 80cm teams coming 2nd (Shirley Stagg, Isabella Stagg, Sarah Rose and Becca Powell) and 6th ( Jessica Mace, Rosie Stevens, Maddie Girling and Hannah Norris). Bella 3rd as an individual and Rosie 4th.

The 90cm teams finishing 2nd (Hannah Norris, Becca Powell, Rosie Stevens and Maddie Girling) and 4th (Bella Stagg, Lisa Kenyon, Joe Mace and Maddie Girling).

Rosie Stevens and Lisa Kenyon finishing 2nd and 6th in the 100cm and Rosie winning the 110cm.

Lily Wiliams coming 4th in the junior 90cm.

Well done to everyone and thanks for representing Finn Valley RC

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