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Arena Eventing Championships 2020

We arrived at the championships along with our area 14 team. We managed to get one of the few stables on site which were lovely. We walked the course in the evening as it was 20 fences long!! Willow settled in very well, and was up bright and early. We had another course walk in the morning which was brilliant. Our first two team members went clear so we were in for a good team score fingers crossed. Then we got to willows turn, he warmed up well with help from Joe while mum baby sat! Willow started off well in the show jumping just touching one pole. He went very well into the xc phase, we took the water complex quite slow as there was a gravel track just before. Willow was brilliant throughout, including the jump and step up which I haven't practised for a long time! We finished a couple of seconds over the optimum which we were so pleased with! We finished Willow off and put him away for a bit whilst we packed up the lorry. We found our team had come 2nd so headed over to the prize giving. Overall, a brilliant weekend was had by all and just in time before the lockdown began!! 


Jess Mace

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