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Area SJ 2017 

The Area SJ was the last of the summer qualifiers again held at Geldeston Hall. It was great again to see so many members out representing the club. We had an array of teams from Novice to Open as well as several riding in the Style SJ this year. With the introduction to the new classes (70cm and 100cm) this year we had even more teams out representing the club. 


First up was the Senior 80cm teams. We had two teams entered but were sadly down to three in each team after one WD last minute and Harriet Aitchison's pony deciding she didn't want to jump! Shirley Stagg and Anne Corke jumped two fantastic clear rounds and after a speedy jump off finished in 1st and 2nd place with Shirley qualifying. The teams did a fantastic job finishing 2nd and 3rd. Shirley, Julia, Harriet and Emma Kelly coming 2nd and Jenny James, Anne Corke and Sarah Chaplin coming 3rd. Well done to all. 

In the adjacent ring were the senior 90cm team of Charlotte Long, Joe Mace, Jenny James and Shirley Stagg. Sadly Jenny and Charlotte WD in the 2nd round so with no team score it was up to Joe and Shirley. Sadly they both picked up 4f in the second round but Shirley was quicker so ended up 5th as an individual. 

The style SJ was running simultaneously in the other ring for the Juniors.  The Junior team of Shannon Curtis (3rd), Dulcie and Tabby Wade finished 5th. The senior team of Julia Sheppard, Becky de Bree, Luisa Edwardes and Shirley Stagg finished 5th with Luisa 4th as an individual.  The other team of Joe Mace, Emma Kelly, Anne Corke and Molly Appleby came 4th.  


Next up in the main ring was the Senior 70cm team. Despite a few poles falling everyone had a great time and Harriet's Suffolk punch jumped a fantastic clear in the 2nd round once  she had worked out what to do! Well done to Becky de Bree, Luisa Edwardes, Molly Appleby and Harriet Aitchison' for finishing 3rd and Molly 6th as an individual.

Back in ring 2 was Shannon riding as an individual in the 80cm and had a great couple of rounds just rolling a pole in each round. Well done to her and good to see Twix back flying! The junior 90cm team of Dulcie and Tabby Wade with Jasmine and Amelia Slater did a great job and finished on 0 after round 1. Sadly the 2nd round didn't quite go to plan with a few steering issues on a new young horse for Jasmine and Tabby having an unlucky jump at the parallel it was down to Dulcie and Amelia in the jump off. Both sadly rolling a pole each in the jump off. Well done to them all finishing 4th overall. 


The Senior 100cm was next up late in the day. With poles flying from everyone we had no idea on team scores. After a change of rings after a nasty fall in ring 1 everyone jumped round 2 in a different ring.  The team of Pip Davis, Natalie Flewitt, Isabella Stagg, and Sarah Chaplin jumped fantastically under pressure and to everyone's surprise won! Pip coming 5th as an individual. Well done to them all and good luck at Lincoln!


Last to jump was Rosie Stevens as an individual in the 110cm. Alwyn was flying and looked on top form finishing 2nd. Hopefully BRC may invite the team to the championships. 


Again it was another great day for Finn Valley with everyone coming home with handfuls of rosettes! Good luck to all those going to Lincoln! Thanks for all the support. 

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