Being part of a team


If you have decided to represent the club in team events here are a few FAQs.


1. What to wear

For SJ and Dressage events normally beige jodhpurs and jackets. Your hat will need to be tagged the first time you complete for the club. Check out the hat specifications in the regulations page. For XC you must wear approved back protectors again check out the regulations page.

2. Entry costs

The club will pay your prelim entries to BRC but riders must pay for entry themselves. If a rider qualifies for championships the club will pay for your entry but the rider must pay for travel and stabling if necessary,  a small contribution may be given to each rider to assist with either.


3. What to take

You MUST remember you up to date horse passport have to be checked at ALL BRC events. Please do not forget this and ensure you have an up to date flu vaccination for your horse/pony otherwise you and the team will be eliminated.


3. Transport

If you do not have your own transport they will normally be someone from the club that may be able to offer you a lift. We often try to share when we can to cut costs.


4. Eligibility

Each competition has different eligibilities dependent on BE points, BS and BD winnings. Please ensure you have checked the eligibility on the regulations page prior to putting yourself forward to team events.


For more information please check out the rule book on the regulations page.