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FOTH Championships 

April Brown 

Charna Barrable 

Joe Mace 


I had a great time competing at FOTH championships. Unfortunately dressage didn't quite go to plan as had a rather excitable pony who thought he knew what to do, clearly Novice 27 must have flying changes all the time and jogging when on a free walk! However Show jumping went really well and we had the fastest clear round of the day! grin emoticon overall we came 24th and had a lovely day representing Finn Valley, thank you for a great opportunity!


By Charna Barrable


I was very proud to be part of Finn Valley today with Joee Mace representing them at Festival of the Horse Championships! He rode Rosie really well considering she's never been away from home before. The dressage didn't quite go to plan as Rosie wasn't sure about going away from all the others but he got a clear round in the jumping so was very pleased with her and she jumped her little socks off.


By Jess Mace


I had a fantastic time unfortunately quite a few time faults due to having wayyy too much fun cross country and being too fast by 20 seconds! Bert had an awesome time as did I although no placing but a lovely ride; that’s all I can ask for!! Thanks Tom for being a brilliant groom/bf and photographer and thanks to Finn Valley!


By April Brown

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