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National Championships 


Report by Lucy, Shirley and Isabella Stagg

The weekend of September 11th /12th was the BRC National Championships at Lincoln.  This is the final for the summer qualifiers of Show Jumping, Style Jumping, Dressage, Riding Test, Pairs and teams of 4 and 6 dressage.  Seniors are on the first day and juniors follow on the Sunday.

Isabella has been having a good season and qualified for two dressage tests, style jumping and joined the Area 14 team for the open show jumping.  They didn't make it easy for us up there as all classes, apart from the second round of show jumping were in the morning .  Not too bad, you may say, but add torrential rain all day and miles to walk between dressage and the jumping with 5 changes of tack, I was exhausted and soaked by 9.30am!! Isabella was alright as she had a horse to transport her and I don't know why she made such a fuss about soaking wet underwear!! I'm sure it can't have been that bad!  Holly was a superstar and just carried on doing what she does and even put up with Shirley following on her bicycle with all  Isabella's equipment. She got very wet as well!!

Despite the weather, Isabella and Holly came 6th in the Elementary dressage, had time faults but a clear in the Style jumping, had a few poles in the open show jumping but her team, who were brilliant came a fantastic 3rd and then won her Novice dressage test.  Riding club then do this strange thing of adding all scores for the open dressage arenas together and then dividing to arrive at the overall champion which was Isabella and Holly.  We were extremely elated and forgot about our wet underwear until the end of prize giving!  We all were so chuffed and what made it really special is that everyone was so pleased for Isabella and congratulations came from near and far and particularly poignant when it came from members from other clubs.

As a club, we had a really good squad from Finn Valley both seniors and juniors .  The Mace family had a rough weekend with their lorry giving up the ghost on the way up to Lincoln on the Friday, but they managed to get to the showground and give very good performances. Luisa Edwards, Kirsty Dawes, Jackie Lambert and Rosie Stevens all travelled up on the Saturday. Rosie was a very strong contender in the Area 14 team Open show jumping and whilst the team came  3rd, Rosie was a brilliant 5th individually. Luisa had a great day coming 3rd in the Prelim. Test and 10th in the Riding test. Jackie Lambert also did well and came 7th in her arena in the Prelim.

So a very good weekend for Finn Valley and we all had a great time despite the weather.  Best wishes to the Mace Family in their endeavours to sort out their transport.  I have to say that watching their lorry being manhandled on and off low loaders and then being carted off on Sunday caused quite an interest in the lorry park!!

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