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Winter Dressage Qualifier

It was a cold bright morning for the start of the first winter qualifiers at Wix, we had 1 junior individual, 2 senior teams and several senior individuals taking part.   To start the day for Finn Valley it was Milly Butters riding Prelim 14, then N24 both were lovely tests with scores of 180 for her first test and 156.5 for her second, both tests of which she came 1st, well done.

Next the senior P14 riders Isabella for team Rockets, Rosie for team Adventures, Becky deBree, Luisa Edwardes, Megan Hammond & Jenny James as individuals. All did lovely tests with Rosie coming 6th, Megan 4th & Jenny 1st, so well done to all.

Next it was the turn of the Novice where we had Luisa riding N24 for the Rockets  & Megan riding N24 for the Adventures and Maddie Girling for the Adventures & Jenny for the Rockets riding N30. Also Charlotte Long riding N30 as an individual.   The only placing was Luisa coming 3rd in N24.

Finally after a very long day it was the Charlotte to ride the E50 for the team Adventures a good test with a mark of 189.

Right at the end of the day it was Shirley to ride E59 for the Rockets where she came 5th, and to finish the day she rode AM93 as an individual, it was a lovely test with a score of 63.9% which gave her 1st place,  but as they join together the Medium 63 and AM 93 she was beaten by a score of 76.93% so unfortunately did not qualify.

The end result was Finn Valley Rockets came 3rd but Adventures did not get placed.  Apart from being a very long day all enjoyed it and came home with lots of rosettes, well done to all who rode, the standard was very high again this year. Thank you for supporting Finn Valley and a great start to the winter season.


Report by Barbara Smith

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