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Combined Training 2019 


It was a little like turning up to the Marie Celeste on Saturday, as when we got there at 8.15am there was hardly anyone there and no show jumping course built. It transpired that Carlton were not building their course until the morning and then found out that a water hose had been left on in the indoor arena which resulted in it being flooded. They then had to work very hard in the increasing wind to move all the equipment, pole by pole to the outdoor arena. Everyone helped with that or in the placing of bricks around the two dressage arenas to hold the boards in place! The competition eventually commenced without mishap.

Because of the wind, a number of members felt they were unable to travel and so a quick switch round for the teams was made.

Eleven teams competed and we provided two teams made up of Hannah Norris, Maddie Girling, Joe Mace and Shirley Stagg. They all competed very well and came 6th. The other team of Joe Mace, Shirley Stagg, Isabella Stagg and Jess Mace did very well and came 2nd but unfortunately only one team qualified. We missed out by one point. Joe and Bella did some lovely dressage tests with Joe getting a better score than Bella but unfortunately he had a pole in the jumping which meant Bella won the section and has qualified for the Championship at Aston-le-Walls. Sue Leggett rode as individual and although things didn’t quite go to plan, I hope she still enjoyed the day.

Thank you to the Maces for gathering up the rosettes and sheets at the end and to Julia Sheppard who worked extremely hard to organise our teams for us, not an easy task at the best of times but even more challenging when events are held during such difficult weather conditions.

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