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FOTH Championships 2016 

Over the weekend of the 4-5th June we had a busy weekend at Aston Le Walls. We had a Senior Combined Training team (Ruth Everard, Jess Mace, Joe Mace and Jenny James) and Senior Eventer Challenge team (Rosie Stevens, Joe Mace, Emma Sayer and Natalie Flewitt) in action; Emma and Rosie in the Senior Eventer Challenge Pairs and Lauren Hassan in the Junior Combined Training and Annabel Long in the Junior Eventer Challenge; both as Individuals.


Both teams finished outside of the placings with a few time penalties but Jenny James and her youngster Billy Rocket came 5th in their Area. Both Annabel and Lauren lowering one pole each. However, extra congratulations must go to Emma and Rosie who won the pairs competition. Sadly this is the last year that BRC will be holding the pairs so they will not be able to retain their title next year. BRC will be holding an 80cm Eventer Challenge which hopefully will be more popular.


Well done to all!


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